Council of the Sworn

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Sheila Heidmarch assembles the Iron Legion to assault Liam’s Hold and introduces an old friend of hers to Boren, Kai Helltalon, Solipsi’s sister. After an uncomfortable greeting, the Iron Legion, along with Boren and his new partner, Kai, set off towards Liam’s Hold.

Not off to a great start
Finding Natalya


Contacted by Sheila Heidmarch, BorenStonebreaker and Solipsi of Clan Helltalon are invited to the Heidmarch Manor (Ambergul Estate) for a proposition of great import. Upon their arrival to the manor the two adventurers are presented with a minor request, which doubles as a test of their wit and brawn. They are led to a study, back to the far corner, where atop a table of a few scrolls and tomes, sits a black box. Sheila asks the two adventurers to attempt to solve the puzzle of the box while she finishes her meeting with Koriah Azmeren, a renown member of the Iron Legion.

While investigating the paradox box, Boran decides to use his magic to force the door of the box open. The box shakes violently, eventually exploding its vile contents into the room; two pugwampi lash out, with daggers in hand and a mind full of mischief. Boran and Solipsi of Clan Helltalon quickly engaged the targets quickly, minimizing collateral damage of the elaborate study, much to Sheila’s appreciation. She apologizes and offers the contents of the paradox box as payment for their troubles with the pugwampi. Koriah takes her leave, after a brief exchange with Boran, and Sheila leads Boros and Solipsi to her study where they are briefed on her proposition.

A double agent of the Iron Legion, Natalya Vankaskerkin, has infiltrated the Sczarni gang has gone missing. Sheila explains that Natalya sent her a cryptic hint that the gang was on the verge of uncovering something big, pertaining to an ancient civilization called Alterak. Natalya promised to meet with Sheila to give a full report, however that promise was never kept. Sheila offers the Boran and Solipsi five hundred gold pieces to return with Natalya and information about what the Sczarni gang had uncovered. The two agree.

The party immediately departs to Liam’s Hold, the headquarters of the Sczarni Gang. After an encounter with a pair of harpies and a scuffle with three orcs, the party delve into the lower level of the hold. Below, Boran finds an odd dragon egg atop a pillar and amidst a pit of flames. After taking the egg they travel deeper into the underground complex, fighting off a serpent before squaring up to a young blue dragon. As Solipsi succumbs to a vicious bite from the dragon and falls limp. Boran uses the opportunity to take one of the dragon’s eggs and retreat back to safety.

Back at the Iron Legion headquarters, Sheila agrees to care for the blue dragon egg, but refuses to keep the black dragon egg on the premise of the manor, exclaiming that the egg is “impure.”


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